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Hosting Services

Professional hosting solutions, exclusively for Barnstormer Design clients!

Website Hosting

Barnstormer Design's dedicated hosting servers are located in a highly secure data center in the USA, and professionally managed 24/7. The service is extremely reliable, with an average minimum uptime of 99.989%.

Your website will be placed on a dedicated server exclusively for Barnstormer Design clients. This ensures a reduced risk of excessive resource consumption or the upload of malicious code, which could potentially impact not only your website but also others hosted on the same server.

Email Hosting

The basic website hosting package includes professional email addresses customized with your domain name, such as You'll be able to access your webmail 24/7 from any internet-connected device. You'll also have the option to use software on your computer or device to automatically connect to your mailbox.

If you need additional email addresses or expanded mail storage space, service upgrades are available to accommodate your growing needs.

Database Hosting

Database services are also available and are often used for things like managing your website's content or handling data from web forms.

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