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Website design & development

Crafting your custom online presence to look and function beautifully, everywhere!

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Planning your new website

Here's how we work...

Whether it's your first website or a redesign, these four steps usually apply:

1) Discovery call:

We start with a scheduled phone call to understand your goals, needs, and vision for the site. Sharing your ideas, questions, and concerns is crucial at this stage. Additional considerations for website redesigns are shown below.

2) Site plan & estimate:

If our services match your needs, we'll create a draft "Site Plan & Estimate." It will detail the site's design, pages/sections, and any special features. We'll provide a project price if we have enough info; otherwise, we'll give a price range. If the range works for you, we'll collaborate to refine the project and narrow down the cost. Once agreed, we'll send our standard agreement.

3) Work begins:

After receiving the signed agreement, deposit, and any required content, we start your project. We create the Home/Main page first to set the design theme. You'll see previews of every page as work progresses and can give feedback.

4) Website launch:

When our work is finished, you'll have a chance to make a final review of the site. When approved, we'll publish your new website to the Internet.

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Redesigning your website

Benefit from what you've learned...

The experience of having an existing website can provide valuable insights when planning your new one. Share what you've learned from the old site so we can build on what works and eliminate what doesn't.

We ask for the following information with any redesign:

Likes and dislikes: What aspects do you appreciate and dislike about your current site?

Purpose evaluation: Does the current site effectively fulfill its primary purpose? (e.g., lead generation, inquiries, sales)

Additions: Please provide a description of any new pages, sections, or functionality to be added.

Removals: Are there any specific pages or sections you wish to eliminate?

Visual assets: Specify which visuals are intended to be reused, such as the logo, graphics, or photos.

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Content updates

Keep your site looking fresh...

After your new website goes live, keeping its content fresh is crucial. Regular updates with new messages and visuals show visitors that you're actively engaged in your business.

Easily update content with our CMS:

During website planning, you can choose to integrate a user-friendly content management system (CMS). This allows your team to manage text and images easily, 24/7.

No coding skills needed! Simply log in to your control panel, choose the section you want to update, make changes, and tap "save" to publish.

We'll provide a walk-through of the system after the site launch. Plus, we're here to support you with any questions or assistance you need in the future.

Or, let us handle content updates:

If you're too busy or prefer professional help, we're available for updates, additions, or changes, big or small. Just tell us what you need, and we offer hourly-rate packages for your convenience.

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